Designed and developed for Mondomarine, SeaFalcon plays the ultimate trick – taking a 60m yacht and fooling the eye into thinking she is far smaller and more compact than she really is.

With sweeping curves and a cutaway in the structure aft, SeaFalcon represents the antithesis of bulky 60m traditional designs, while her interior is based on an innovative and interesting general arrangement. “It’s a very interesting design,” says De Basto, “because the hull is like a monolithic structure with huge volume but when you cut out the shape you expose the red arch as part of the superstructure.” The illusion is further amplified by drop-down balconies to the main deck saloon, which create an extraordinary sense of space and connection with the outside even in this heart of the guest social areas.

When you cut out the shape you expose the red arch as part of the superstructure.

This striking exterior style – modern, yet supremely elegant – disguises prodigious interior volume to create a yacht that feels light, sleek and aesthetically effortless. Moreover, the long bow allows for an expansive forward exterior guest area, in addition to the traditional aft and sundeck areas. “SeaFalcon doesn’t look like a regular 60m yacht,” De Basto enthuses. “They typically used to look like cruise ships, but SeaFalcon looks like a 45m yacht because although all the decks are there everything is disguised within her carefully crafted style and form.”