Yacht Specification

55m (180ft)

The reason for this concept was the intention to develop a 55 meter which could provide our client with a luxurious and exclusive yachting experience of maximum visual and physical contact with the water and nature. In order to do that some old pre-conceived ideas about how a yacht looks like needed to be challenged.

“I was interested in exploring the relationship between the hull and superstructure and avoid the generic look we see in so many yachts today.”

So why not make floor to ceiling outside walls like in the modern skyscraper and residences? That’s how the upper deck volume was created, with its pavilion like shape, which then was suspended from the deck to provide for a wave breaker in the front. The side glasses are mounted on tracks and, combined with handrails placed on the inside, can slide to create balconies. The aft deck, thanks to this feature, can be completely enclosed for protection on a windy day or completely open.