With a brief including the words ‘sporty’ and ‘relaxed’, we took references from the natural wonders of the Upper Antelope Canyon in Wyoming in the southwest of the United States. ­­­­­­­­­The end result is a wellness spa in a sumptuous setting that employs natural woods, sandstone, marble, and glass. The curvaceous horizontal alpine oak of the SPA blends seamlessly into the curved banquette seating inside the sauna and hides most of the equipment.

“Sophisticated yet Relaxed, inspired by Nature. The overall vibe of the SPA is one that proffers health, wellness, and vibrancy.”

Both the indoor cold plunge and the swimming pool are recessed into the travertine marble floor. The opulent waterfall rain showers are enclosed by fluted glass panels that lends lightness while maintaining just the right transparency. Overhead in the entire spa area, are long narrow strips of LED lighting that create— what feels like— rays of natural light. Along one of the sandstone walls is an inlaid mirror that is shaped to echo the mountain range visible outside. The climbing wall borders one side of the swimming pool and turns into the ceiling and can be accessed from inside the pool. A rope swing hangs by the climbing ceiling for vaulting into the pool.