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Yacht Specification

62 m (203 ft)
Turquoise Yachts

The tender deck is located at the front of the superstructure which allows for a complete separation between guests and services. This deck is 13.4 meters long (nearly 43-foot) comfortably allowing the stowage of an up to 12-meter (39-foot) tender, which is uncommon on a 62-meter (203-foot) yacht.

“Incorporating such large tender requires a substantial professional grade crane for safe launch and retrieval. To avoid an industrial look and as a result of that search for extreme form and function, in a revolutionary solution, the crane disappear into the superstructure”

Although almost invisible at first sight there‚Äôs no compromise in the capacity of these two cranes, each is capable of lifting 10,000 kgs (22,000 lbs). Importantly as an explorer this allows a range of vessels or vehicles to be safely deployed and stowed on the forward deck, from rugges or luxury tenders, sailing vessels, submarines, or 4×4 cars.