An interior space reminiscent of being aboard a superyacht with the same quality craftsmanship and sophistication. The circular glass-and-steel stairway and glass elevator are focal points of the room. The theme of transparency is repeated in the dining room chairs and in the fully transparent baby grand piano. Asymmetrical ellipses inlaid in the marble floor are duplicated in the overhead circles that have recessed lighting in their perimeters.

“Superyacht sensibilities within penthouse parameters. Not only can one enjoy a spectacular outside view from the inside, but with verandahs on both sides of the living room, one is also able to enjoy al fresco lifestyle.”

The master bedroom sports similar themes as the living room in terms of geometrical shapes. Predominant colors are black as in the marble floor and raised platform for the bed. The master bathroom and dressing rooms are concealed behind the central bedroom divider, as elegant as the rest of the apartment with a fluted glass shower room, glass enclosed W.C., and curvilinear bathtub. The ubiquitous fluted wood panels are subtly gradated, moving from narrow to wider planks. Here too, copper accents on are utilized throughout. All in all, this ‘superyacht’ in the sky will present itself as informally chic with international appeal.