Canados 90’

Yacht Specification

27.5m (90ft)

Pursuing the philosophy of full contact with Nature and in addition to the enormous windscreen and composite sliding sunroof above the helm station, de Basto has created two longitudinal glass beams in the coach roof supported by arched pillars anchored to the engine room bulkhead.

“The connection between the exterior and interior architecture is very tight. What you see on the outside is what you get on the inside.”

The resulting effect has been to turn the main saloon into a light-filled conservatory on the water. To enhance this impression, there are no blinds or curtains on the main deck, instead liquid crystals in the glass can be realigned at the flick of a switch to dim the glass for additional privacy or solar protection.

Best Semi Custom Motor Yacht, Show Boats Award, 2007
Best Boat Over 24 Meters, Millennium Yacht Design Award, 2007 MYDA
And Finalist on the 2006 World Yacht Trophies, 80’ to 100’ Open