Amer 41M Explorer

Yacht Specification

41.3M (135.5ft)

The idea for the cranes integrated in the superstructure was initially developed for this project, a new evolutionary system to launch and retrieve tenders quickly and safely, that can be applied to other yacht sizes.

“We look at the Form follows Function axiom and add an extra layer, the Experience, that informs the Function that in turn shapes the Form. My design process involves going back and forth between the Form, Function and the Experience until they are one.”

With a high bow, an innovative hull in terms of shape and technology, an advanced new propulsion system able to significantly reduce consumption and emissions, plus a protected enclosed mooring area, heavy duty cranes at 8,000 kgs each, and a range of 4500 NM, the yacht is prepared to explore almost any corner of the world in total silence and comfort on board.