Exterior Design Interior and Decor

Attention to detail and an open mind when it comes to design is what inspires us; every style has its own intrinsic beauty or characteristic. Traditional, modern, eclectic, the important is to achieve harmony, good taste and excellency in design. Consistency, style and most important, listening to what our clients want is our motto. With an eye for design Cristina has for over 20 years been working side by side with her husband Luiz overseeing all the creative areas related to interior d├ęcor and supervision of the projects.

We want to fulfill and surpass their expectations, their goals. It brings us the greatest pleasure to see how a well selected piece of furniture, accessory, texture or color gives the space so much personality and elegance. It is with great care and attention that we select and curate pieces for our projects. Forward thinking, creativity, risk taking, and passion is what guides our work.